Friday, July 27, 2012

Heat wave in Lexington

Elder Taylor and Elder Johnson's form of transportation
So to clarify whats going on with the weather, this last week has actually been record breaking digits in Lexington.   I am still alive and kicking it here in Lexington with Elder Johnson). It was five days either at 100 degrees or over. Two days being at 103 or 104. It was way hot and humid. On Saturday I heard that it was one of the hottest days that they have had since 2005 or something like that. Yeah we were out in it for about 4 hours and I think that we were close to heat exhaustion because the next day was Sunday and Elder Johnson and I couldn't get up to save our lives. We were so exhausted and physically drained, but fortunately we were able to make it to church on time, but after church we came home and couldn't move because we were that exhausted. Then we finally recovered enough to go out and then the weather went from pretty hot to a pretty good rain storm, so we still went out in that as well. That was fun to see both ends of the spectrum and the rain tends to rejuvenate me so that was good.
Members for some reason the members have been stepping it up this month in feeding us as well, so that is something to be thankful for. That reminds me, lately we have been going every Friday to this soup kitchen at this "Jesus is awesomer" church and while we are there, there is this pastor and his name is mike. The first week that I saw him, like a month and a half ago, he was extremely standoffish and wasn't sure about the missionaries, he even made fun of some of the things that we do as missionaries in his sermon (studying for three hours a day and whatnot saying that some people take it to the extreme and thats not what is needed). Then last week as I explained he actually asked me to give the opening prayer for the soup kitchen and then this past Friday he said that he was going to show up to church one of these times. So that has been good to see the change that he is going through, with us just silently persevering and enduring patiently while serving. It has been a good lesson. I have noticed this pretty big change and there is still much more effort that is going to have to happen for him to change fully because he still tries to argue with us on parts of our beliefs but its been a good lesson learned. Also there is another man that works there and his name is bill and he is extremely nice and accepting of us and what we believe but he told us when it comes to religion and differing opinions I don't want to hear it because when people talk different religions arguments starts to come about and so I would rather not. So this past Friday he was giving us a ride home and we started to talk about General Patton and how great of a war general he was and how because of his brain and strategic moves many battles were changed (correct me if any of that was wrong). So for the first time I used the war chapters in the Book of Mormon to bring up the gospel and I liked it to Bill and his interest. I started to talk about Captain Moroni and how he was such a great war hero and how because of him and his brilliance many Nephites were able to be preserved. It peaked Bills interest and he asked us for a Book of Mormon, we didn't talk much gospel side of it but it did bring about a pretty good conversation about the historical side of the Book of Mormon and so he dropped us off and he said that he would read it. So that was neat to see as well.
Well lets see, it has been fun being here in Lexington actually. We live right by a tennis court and so lately every morning Elder Johnson and I go out and play some tennis (I have to find some way to get us motivated in the mornings :)). It has been hard at times what with my ankle not being as mobile as I want it to be, which by the way, my ankle is mostly healed, except the scar tissue which has been built up so I lack full mobility in my ankle.Other than that it has been really fun learning how to play tennis. The doctor said that I will probably have to wear a brace the rest of my life whenever I go play sports.
So the five solid investigators turned out to not be so solid after all. It has been pretty hard working our butts off in 100 degree weather and having most of the return appointments cancel on us. But its all about perseverance and not giving up. Now thats not to say that I haven't gotten discouraged, because I was for a time, but I still haven't given up there is always a silver lining. I figure with all this thats going on the Lord is preparing me and sending me through the refiners fire (again) for a reason. Apparently I didn't learn enough the first go around. But if we just hold on tight, good things will happen, like what happened on Friday.

Man it's HOT!!!!

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