Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013

Hi everyone,

You asked my about the broadcast on missionary work that was broadcast- yeah we heard that the broadcast last night was amazing, and I'm actually watching it right now as we speak. Last night Elder Anderson and I weren't able to watch it because we were actually up on Ft. Knox teaching. I am looking forward to what was announced during the broadcast and hearing about it. So Ft. Knox went a little bit better this last week. There were like 7 people there and one of them was a non-member. So we have officially got a new investigator from Ft. Knox. So we will just keep plugging away up there on Ft.Knox.  So the family that we are working with is doing amazing!! We had an FHE with them last Monday and they absolutely loved it. We played charades with them and it from the scriptures. Their date is set for July 13th and they are so ready to be baptized. They are solid. Now what we have to do is to pray and continue teaching them and keep them away from the adversary.

I had a pretty good birthday. I really loved my present. Elder Anderson and I played with my toys, a little bit too much when we first got them. I really loved the small blueish dude. I named him Ooalala OoLavaley. It means cute, cuddly, and crazy in the Sumoan language. I went on an exchange over to Radcliff on my birthday and they are working with a Sumoan family and so I asked them how to say those words and they told me, so that's what I named him. The reason why is because he is cute and cuddly, but also he is crazy with the lights. Thank you! :).

In Elder’s Quorum we had a lesson on forgiveness and love and it hit home. Forgiving someone is like a muscle, the more you exercise it, and the easier it becomes to forgive people and their trespasses. It's truly a blessing because sometimes I feel like I get stuck in a rut or become overly confident in myself, but then Heavenly Father sends me a trial and it humbles me and reminds me who I am and who I depend on and because of it, it allows me to move forward. 

Love you Family!

Elder Taylor

June 17, 2013

You probably heard that my official release date from my mission is Sept 4th.  So yes I am still going to be going strong. There is so much to do, that 3 months still seems forever away. We are still working with our family and they are doing great! They have a date set for July 13th and that is a really solid date. They already consider themselves part of the church.  They have changed so much already. It has been a real tender mercy being able to work with them. I do have a short time left, but I still feel like there is a lot that's on the verge of happening. So I will just work my hardest and see what the Lord can do in my life and in the life's of others :)  Here are some pictures of the people I am currently serving with.

Something that isn't good though, is lately I have been itching a ton. The humidity and the heat is just torching my skin and at night it takes me forever to fall asleep because I'm itching everywhere. I don't have a rash, but my skin just itches. So I might have a doctor visit or something to figure out how to stop itching. The only way that I can get the itching to stop is to drench my body in the anti-itch lotion. That helps a lot, but I'm almost out of it, so I will have to buy some more.

June 10, 2013

I got news on Saturday that I am going to stay here in E-town for another transfer. I am hoping that I can adequately express how I feel. So this is going to be way crazy. A reason why I am stoked about it, is because I will get to see the family we have been working with  be baptized. I am stoked about this upcoming transfer because FT. Knox is opening up this Sunday. So basically what it is,is  for the summer they are bringing back basic training to FT. Knox. It's a little different than basic training, but its new people in the military coming to FT. Knox for training. So what it’s going to consist of is on Wednesday and Sunday nights, Elder Anderson and I will be going up to FT. Knox and teaching a group of young military people. It’s a class that they can take and so it’s almost like the perfect finding and teaching model, because they come to us because they are looking for something in their life, and also they want to get away from the training regimen for a few hours for religion. So we will be teaching a class of like 10 to 30 people every Wednesday and Sunday. Since they are in the military we will be able to teach and baptize them within a month because they should be living the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. So it’s kind of nerve racking, but it’s reassuring because Bro. Byrnes specifically asked for Elder Anderson and I to come and teach the class. So I am actually pretty happy that I am staying. I might actually die off here in E-town so I should change my mission plaque to the E-town, Lexington mission. So yeah that's going to be a blast.
Love Elder Taylor