Monday, June 24, 2013

June 17, 2013

You probably heard that my official release date from my mission is Sept 4th.  So yes I am still going to be going strong. There is so much to do, that 3 months still seems forever away. We are still working with our family and they are doing great! They have a date set for July 13th and that is a really solid date. They already consider themselves part of the church.  They have changed so much already. It has been a real tender mercy being able to work with them. I do have a short time left, but I still feel like there is a lot that's on the verge of happening. So I will just work my hardest and see what the Lord can do in my life and in the life's of others :)  Here are some pictures of the people I am currently serving with.

Something that isn't good though, is lately I have been itching a ton. The humidity and the heat is just torching my skin and at night it takes me forever to fall asleep because I'm itching everywhere. I don't have a rash, but my skin just itches. So I might have a doctor visit or something to figure out how to stop itching. The only way that I can get the itching to stop is to drench my body in the anti-itch lotion. That helps a lot, but I'm almost out of it, so I will have to buy some more.

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