Sunday, September 9, 2012


Elder Woehl and Elder Taylor

I have a new companion, Elder Woehl. He has a testimony and really has a good memory in regards to remembering people and also the schedule that we have that day. He carries the spirit really well with him, but there is much to learn and I hope that we can learn and grow together. There is a reason we are together, and I know that it will be for the good. He is from West Jordan Utah. He actually wrestled in High School. So that is a common thing between us.

So this last week has been a bit tougher one. Trying to adjust and also getting dropped by two of our baptismal dates was hard. So with that happening it brought to my memory a conversation that I had a few weeks back with one of the assistants and he said something to me that made me start thinking. It was right after Elder Golden visited the mission, they came and dropped off a few packages, and we started talking and somewhere along the conversation it got brought up that I worked extremely hard, I just wasn't doing it the right way. So it made me start thinking, well what is the Lords way. The Lords way is following the spirit right? Becoming sanctified, so as to allow the spirit to help me make certain decisions in my life. So I started a special fast, and have fasted periodically since then, on how I can follow the spirit and do the work in the Lords way. I fasted and prayed more earnestly and harder to know what I needed to do. And it has been three weeks since that has happened and I have received little bits and pieces to my answer all along the way, but yesterday my answer was given to me almost in full in a priesthood blessing. But I'm going to back up for a few. See this last week was pretty tough and it was tiring and we had little success and as such my name was brought up in a conversation between the Zone leaders and the Assistants. The same exact assistant saying the same thing that he had earlier (that I was working hard, but wasn't doing it the right way) and I'm hoping that it got brought up because they want to help not criticize, but anyways. So yesterday one of the Zone leaders came up to me and asked me if everything was ok and was wondering if he could help. So we sat down and had a really good and deep conversation. Afterwards he asked me if he could give me a blessing of comfort and counsel. So he did and in this blessing he said many things that could have only come from the Lord one of which he blessed me that the trials that are going on at home will all be ok. He has no clue what is going on at home with dad. Also it was expressed that the Lord is pleased with my effort and to keep working the way that I have been. So that was a testimony building experience to gain a stronger testimony of fasting and of priesthood blessings.
Well family, my time is running short, but I love you all!
Elder Taylor

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