Sunday, October 7, 2012

October 7, 2001

So this week has been an explosive week. I'm excited, anxious, and nervous for this next week to come. Already this morning we had a lesson with a guy who came to church yesterday (not George. His name is Jay). It went well and he is so ready to be baptized, but he has a few hurdles to hurdle (that always seems to be the case with me) but he has to find a job, get married, find a house, and then quit smoking. He has his little family with a girlfriend a two year old kid. The little kid is the cutest thing. He just sits there and talks gibberish just to hear his own voice. But anyways Its nerve racking because we have to be on our A game because the Lord has given us all of these tender mercies and we have to continually take care of them, and grow by grace, so that Justice will keep on being in debt to us, and the Lord will continue on blessing us. It’s harder work to sit down and find out what the grater needs than to go and knock 500 doors. Also I hate tracking. It’s the biggest waste of time ever but It’s good because it builds character and I have gotten most of my stories from tracking. So yesterday George did show up to church, and he is doing great. We are trying to move up his baptismal date. We aren't set on one yet, but he could do it as early as this Sunday in between sessions. So that would be a miracle if we pulled that off. But its his baptism and we don't want to rush him. I just have a feeling I might be getting transferred this next week and so if it doesn't happen this Sunday then I will miss it.
So we get fed pretty often here. At least three times a week. It’s a pretty good ward in regards to taking care of missionaries.
Oh yeah so this last week I crashed my bike pretty good. Like really good. We went over into the North Area and there is this really awesome jump there and so I went off the jump and pulled too hard on the handles and so the whole bike was twisted in the air as I was coming down I came down on my front tire way weird and the tire caught the ground and I landed flat on my handle bars. It was a fun crash. Luckily I didn't get hurt, so next time I go into the North Area I can hit the jump even harder.
So how is the Taylor and the Dance side doing? Grandpa emailed me and said that Alivias walk for cancer or something like that was this last week. That is so cool. Glad that she is almost over and done with it.
Well that is about all I have to write this week. I am wet and cold (Its pouring right now) and so its pretty fun riding out in the rain. Stay strong and continue on building up your testimonies until it will grow brighter and brighter until the perfect day :)
Love ya!
Elder Taylor

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