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December 10, 2012

Baptism of George Kemp 
Rashad and Elder Taylor
So P-Hours on Monday came and went and we played pool and decorated the apartment for Christmas and then we went out to work. We started to tract and when we got out of the car, I saw this girl who was walking back from working out and I went up to go say hi to her, but she turned around and screamed in my face, "NO!!!!!! stay away!!" I was dumbfounded because she took off running and apparently thought that we were people who were trying to cause her harm. I tried to gently yell at her, "We just want to talk is all!" but by the time I managed to get that out, she was already up three flights of stairs screaming her head off, running into her apartment. So Elder Clawson and I just looked at each other and shrugged and kept walking. Then we started to knock doors and it was way cool because on the fifth door that we knocked on, we were let in. We left our peace and blessing with him and then started to teach him about the message that we so eagerly share with people. He was pretty stoked to hear it. So he invited us back on Thursday. Anyways more about him later.
So Tuesday for the most part was a normal missionary day out tracting and IQ'ing and getting rejected, it was even quite boring, no real fun stories to tell. Then that evening we received a referral from Lexington-Downtown Spanish and the name of the referral was Shawndelle. They had run into her like four or five times and finally on the last time, she said that she would listen to missionaries again, and since she lives in our area, they referred her to us. So we got the referral and they explained a little bit about her and nothing really stood out to me, but it should have because when we contacted her the next day, she ended up being one of my old investigators from Elizabeth-town. I had no clue what to say. She just started laughing and smiled and said, "God works in mysterious ways." So to make a long story short, in E-Town she had struggled with the priesthood and the necessity for it. She had accepted the Book of Mormon as the word of God, but that was about it. She didn't see why we had to Book of Mormon, so she basically dropped us after a few weeks. So we get there on Wednesdays and start teaching her and I upfront was bold about it and brought all her concerns to the front, to see if they were still the same. So we retaught her the restoration and more concerns surfaced, but the priesthood was still the main one. So on Thursday we went back and she seemed more humble this time, so I was like God has shown you a sign, "so pray about the priesthood and then you will get your answer." So she prayed about it, and we left and then we later found out that not five minutes after we left, she got her answer. So she is also set for baptism on Jan 5.
Now back to the investigator that we found on Monday. So we saw him on Thursday and set a soft baptismal date for Jan-19 and he accepted, and he even invited his roommate to listen to us. So he is so ready, but unfortunately or fortunately (I'm not sure which) him and his roommate are 19 years old and so we won’t be able to teach him more. We have to refer him to the UK Singles Missionaries who are over the singles ward who teach people from the ages of 18-30 who are eligible to go to the Singles ward, so who are single, and don't have a kid.  Then to close off the week, yesterday we had a Christmas Nativity activity that the entire community was welcome to come to. So we had a ton of non-members there and we had like 20 missionaries just trying to pick people apart.... It didn't work very well. Apparently they still like to reject us, even when they are on our turf. I hope that at least a few of them felt the spirit. Love you all! Elder Taylor
Elder Taylor trying on skinny jeans!

Elder Taylor, Elder Whoel, Elde Castenda, and Elder St. Martin


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