Friday, January 18, 2013

January 7, 2013

Hi family! So things here are going crazy!!   I feel so inadequate and like I'm in over my head,  it’s not even funny. I'm in the area that all the mission legends have passed through and right now I feel pretty unqualified to be in this position. I just keep holding on to the saying that, "God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called." I am trying, and luckily I have a really good companion who is good at showing me the ropes. I have a bunch more responsibilities. As a district leader I only had to look after 2 other areas beside my own. Now as a zone leader I have to look over 3 district Leaders who each have 3 areas in their District. So needless to say I have done a bunch more planning and trying to figure out how to help all of our areas. Also the Zone leader before I got here baptized everyone that they were working with and so we have like no body that we are working with right now.... UHHHH looks like its starting over from phase 1 all over again. It was good however that most of the ward recognized me and they welcomed me back. It was crazy. They kept saying that it was my first homecoming.

I was a little bit bummed however because Elisabeth, my other baptism while I was here went inactive. So I am going to work hard to get her active. I'm thinking that the Lord is just testing me, but I don't know if Im passing or failing because I feel like sometimes I am miserably failing, but its a good thing that we have the atonement that we can actively use in our lives to better ourselves.

Love Ya,


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