Thursday, April 11, 2013

Conference Weekend

Thank you family for that excellent report! This General Conference completely blew me away as always. I wish it could be General Conference every week. I really enjoyed all of the talks, but a few hit home more than others. I really like the ones from Elder Holland and President Monson just because they are my favorite, but also because what they talked about was exactly what I needed to hear.  Also Elder Utchdorfs talk was amazing. Also the Last one by Elder Christofferson really stood out to me. The one that I am going to point out was the one by Elder Neil L. Anderson and how his talk was entirely upon missionary work. He talked about miracles that happened during Christ’s time, and then also during the early church. He then went on to say how we are still seeing a miracle unfold right before our eyes. It’s just another testimony of the lowering ages of the missionaries. That is something that really struck me was that even though sometimes I don't see the immediate results of my effort, I still know that there are Angels on both sides of the veil who are here to help pull me up and strengthen me. He then went on to stress the importance of member missionary work. It’s so hard sometimes to get members excited about sharing the gospel and so it was great to hear an apostle stress the importance of member missionary work. Anyways its been great to be a part of the surge of missionaries and its extremely exciting. We are getting another set of missionaries here in E-town and that’s something that has never been done. The Lord truly is reaching out his hang and hastening his work.  It’s a bit sad however, that this last General Conference will be the last General Conference that I will ever have on my mission. It was somewhat depressing. I have really enjoyed being a missionary while listening to conference because I have been able to feel the spirit communicate to my spirit.
Also another interesting fact is that I have been able to personally meet 5 of the speakers who spoke. Elder Perry, Elder Cook, Elder Christoffel Golden Jr, Elder Porter, and Elder L. Whitney Clayton. So that was really neat to hear from them over the television. I am so very grateful for living revelation to help guide us and direct us in these days. I truly am grateful for revelation that God can give to each of us when we are living worthy. That story of mom remembering my password was nothing short of a miracle and tender mercy from the Lord. He truly is watching over us. He cares about each and every one of us and knows who we are and what trials we face. He allows us to go through those trials because it will help us to learn and grow. The purpose of life is so we can become like our Heavenly Father and at the present rate (without challenges) we will never get to our ultimate goal. We need to be stretched and put under pressure. Just as a coal who has potential, when its put through millions of years worth of pressure and heat, can turn into a diamond we too can be turned into something greater than we can even imagine. Heavenly Father loves us enough to allow us to be put through pressure, heat, and time to come out on the other side a refined and priceless treasure in his hands. It’s hard but we must catch the vision of eternity and what it means to be spiritually minded. We have this big task ahead of us, but we can't start on the task without taking the first step. Alma 37:6. "By small and simple means" We can one day become great if we just start small and stick true to our covenants. We must remember who we are, "Child of God."
Lately I have learned a lot and am still learning a lot. After our baptism we had last week, we literally had 7 of our investigators drop us. That family that I told you about last week actually ended up dropping us that night. We think they might have gotten anti-ed but oh well, we just have to keep moving forward. We will keep working hard and trying to diligently bring souls unto God. 
Love you all!!
Elder Taylor

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