Sunday, May 19, 2013

April 15th

Investigator with 8 snakes
Elder Taylor Teaching the Reptiles of the Earth!
This last week has been a hectic/ crazy week. I'm still trying to decide what has transpired. I guess to start off, last week Elder Anderson and I basically had no one to teach so we decided that we were going to ask for referrals from everyone that we meet. We have been doing that and this past week we ended up getting 10 referrals from members and non-members alike. To top it off we built up an entire teaching pool in just a week’s time. We basically had no one to teach on Monday and then yesterday we ended the week off with 14 new investigators. So we have been able to see the Lords hand a lot here lately. One of the new investigators that we picked up owns like 8 snakes and these snakes aren't just the normal garden snakes that you see every day. All of the snakes that he has can grow up to about 30 feet in length. He has one named Mary Jane and she is already like 6 foot in length. Like the third time we went over there and he brought her out and I taught the restoration lesson with her curled up around my shoulders... It was the craziest thing ever. Elder Anderson had like a 3 foot snake curled up around his arm as well. It was so cool.

Love Elder Taylor

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