Sunday, May 19, 2013

April 22nd

P-Day in Elizabeth Town

Hey family!! That is so neat that Gentry was able to have a missionary experience with one of her friends. Many believe that we are saved by the grace of God, no matter what we do here on earth.   Except we are saved by Grace, after all we can do. He won't save us if we refuse to change. There is no amount of work that we could do to get ourselves to Heaven, and that is why we need the Atonement in our lives. Christ won't save us in our sins, but he can save us from our sins and that’s the difference. Its the enabling power of the Atonement that saves us because it allows us to climb out of the valley of our sins and climb the mountain of victory to become as he is. Good job. Ashlyn and Porter are getting so big!! Wow!! thats so crazy, it just blew my mind.

 This last week was awesome. We are seeing so many tender mercies from the Lord it is incredible and it has come in a point of my mission when I have needed it the most. Yesterday we ended up getting 5 investigators at sacrament meeting breaking my record and next week we are expected to hopefully hit double digit numbers and that's not even wishful thinking, it’s more than possible. Right now we are teaching two families in particular and both families have two kids above 8. It’s just crazy and I'm loving it and its all because of Heavenly Father. Lately I have felt extremely humble and inadequate in everything I do, even more than at the first of my mission. I have never had this happen to me, but then to see the investigators just fall into our laps is even more humbling and shows me whose work this really is. One of our investigators is a part-member and is 17 years old, his mom fell away when she was like 20ish and now she is 40. Anyways he is surrounded by a bunch of bible thumpers Baptists who give him anti all the time. He has come across so much anti its crazy. He has almost gotten into every single anti there is and he is still interested in what we share. He has such a level head on him its awesome, but he so random as well its funny. He gives us one of his anti-questions that he has and as he is asking us the question he starts to answer his own question and so it comes out as a half question, half statement. The other day after we addressed some of his questions he looked at us all leery like and said, " It sounds good, and you all seem the most convincing this far, but I'm not sold... yet! But at least you all get into the meat of stuff instead of just scratching the surface" So he is really a level headed thinker who is looking for truth and recognizes it when it comes.  
Haha funny story that I just have to tell, we were driving to hodgenville (The birthplace of Abe Lincoln :)) and we saw a turtle in the middle of the road and (remembering what happened to me in pioneer when Elder Hart put a turtle in my bathtub) we picked it up and took it home with us. We went into the other elders apartment and put him in the bathtub and named his optimums prime. So we have had another member of the family. It was pretty funny to hear them as soon as they found that a turtle was in the bathtub, they called us and were like, "we have the best Zone Leaders ever!!!" It was great. Also on Friday we went to a BYU-Idaho Symphonic band in Louisville. That was neat but at the same time weird seeing my past (BYU-I) and present (My mission) coming together. Anyways I enjoyed it.
Well family I have to run!! love ya!!

 Elder Taylor


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