Sunday, November 6, 2011

Monday , October 31st

So pretty much here its about a constant 50 to 60 degrees i would think. the grass is still green and the colors of the trees are amazing!! :) mom you would just absolutely love it!
I also really liked what you had to say about administering angels because a lot of the time, people aren't worthy of it and so they don't have the holy ghost to guide them and so we all do need to strive to become worthy of the holy ghost. but also one thing that people forget about is that you have to have the faith to have the holy ghost with you.
As I told dad, that I have been studying faith lately, and I have found out that anytime there is a miracle, faith has preceded it. Faith is really an amazing thing. It was faith that lead Joseph Smith to pray, it was also the faith that he would receive an answer to that prayer. Its faith that allows us to stand up for what we believe, it is also faith to stay away from the things of the world. It is by faith that we take the sacrament and also by faith that we are to be healed and cleansed through the sacrament. Faith is really complex. anyways, how is the scripture reading and also the daily family prayers coming along??

Tell drew that I miss him and I hope that he is doing well!!
Lets see. I am absolutely loving my mission!! I keep thinking that I don't want to leave and that I want to stay here forever serving the people of kentucky!

Marlena, the person that I talked about last week actually ended up dropping us, but it was way cool because after that, I started to get so down and gloomy, but I told myself that I cant' allow this to happen, the lord is going to provide for us. Of course he did. We were on our way home and Both me and my companion decided to take a little detour and go on a route that we have never taken before and there was this lady sitting on her front porch and we talked to her and found out that she used to talk to the missionaries and that her sister is actually a Mormon and she was wanting to get back into the discussions and find out about what her sister was saying with the temple. So it just reaffirmed my testimony and reassured that the Lord blesses us when we follow with FAITH! :) Anyways I have to go. LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!! :)Love elder Taylor! :)

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